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Information Week


Information Week article about Xen taking over the virtualization market, features Tektonic (unixshell# parent company), HP, IBM, and Sun.

Virtual Servers (For Real)

Xen open-source software should speed adoption of virtualization. But are IT teams ready to manage 1,000 virtual servers?

Matt Ayres, the president of a small Web-site hosting service, doesn't look at virtualization as a mere convenience or a handy way to centralize a few servers. With 1,000 virtual machines based on Xen open-source code, he has bet his future on it and believes it's the key differentiator between his company, TekTonic Network Solutions, and his competitors.





eWeek article about the uses of Xen in real life enviroments featuring IBM, unixshell, and others.

Matt Ayres, founder and president of Unixshell.com, a service of TekTonic Inc., offers hosted VMs running Xen on homegrown Opteron-based systems. He said Xen 3.0 will be key for customers looking for enterprise-ready VMs. "It's going to be a major player in the market," said Ayres in Shippack, Pa. "Once Xen supports 4GB of RAM, it's going to effectively double the RAM available in our site."