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The Network

Our network consists of 6 gigabit links to 5 different premium Tier-1 providers with the 7th link peering with over 20 networks at the Atlantic Internet Exchange. The servers are located in Atlanta, Georgia where they are co-located in one of the premier hosting datacenters. Currently there are connections to Global Crossing, Level (3), Telia, Savvis, and BTN Access.

The network utilizes RouteScience architecture to constantly monitor and adjust BGP routes for the best routing based on latency and performance. This is much better than traditional BGP as it is able to detect and re-route around peering problems located on the Internet.

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Network backbone graphs

Gigabit Ethernet - Savvis

Gigabit Ethernet - Global Crossing
level (3)

Gigabit Ethernet - Level (3)

Gigabit Ethernet - Atlanta Internet Exchange (Public Peering)
global crossing

Gigabit Ethernet - Telia

Gigabit Ethernet - PCCW BTN
Atlanta Internet Exchange (Public Peering)